Steering Committee

Dr. Peter Sakuls
Dr. Samantha Green
Dr. Sharon Zikman
Dr. Mary Gaudet
Dr. Rahul Shetty
Dr. Sarah Levitt
Dr. Kevin Lam

Supporting Organizations


Members and Supporters

* All physicians are from Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area unless otherwise stated as of December 2018.

Dr. Aaron HorvathEmergency Physician
Dr. Aaron Orkin Family and Emergency Physician
Dr. Adam Kaufman Emergency Medicine & Family Physician
Dr. Ahmed BayoumiInternist, Research Scientist
Dr. Alan Abelsohn Family Physician
Dr. Ali Charlebois Family Physician
Dr. Alina Losif Psychiatrist
Alia Abaya Director, Community Impact, Alterna
Dr. Amr Elmaraghy Orthopaedic Surgeon, Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery, St. Joseph's Health Centre
Dr. Andrew Arcand Emergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Markham Stouffville Hospital
Dr. Andrew Pinto Family Physician, Public Health
Dr. Anil Chopra Emergency Medicine, Head of Emergency Medicine, University Health Network
Dr. Anne Biringer Family Physician
Dr. Anne Wideman Family Physician
Dr. Antoinette Wertman Family Physician
Dr. Angela Guenther Forensic Pathologist
Dr. Benjamin Chin-Yee Internal Medicine Resident
Dr. Benjamin Langer Family Medicine Resident
Dr. Braden O'Neill Family Medicine Resident
Dr. Brian Knight Anesthesiologist
Dr. Brooke Hogarth Family Physician
Dr. Bryan Li Fellow, Pediatric Haemotology
Dr. Cassy Shitong Wang Family Medicine Resident
Dr. Catherine Wong Anaethesiologist
Dr. Chris Cavacuiti Family Physician
Dr. Christiane Dauphinais Family Physician
Dr. Cindy Ochieng Resident, Family Medicine
Dr. Dan Cass Family Physician, Coroner
Dr. Dania NottaFamily Physician
Dr. Daniel Rosenfield Pediatrician
Dr. Danyaal Raza Family Physician, Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare
Dr. David Lawrence Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Debbie Honickman Family Physician
Dr. Derek Tsang Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Diana KljenakPsychiatrist
Dr. Don MeladyEmergency Physician
Dr. Donald Cole Public Health Physician
Dr. Donald RedelmeierInternal Medicine
Dr. Doreen YeeAnesthesiologist
Dr. Doug Richards Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Douglas Stoddard Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Edward Xie Emergency Medicine
Dr. Eileen Nicolle Family Physician
Dr. Eric Letovsky Emergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Trillium Health Partners, Credit Valley Hospital
Dr. Francis Sem Emergency Medicine
Dr. Gary Bloch Family Physician
Dr. Gautam GoelEmergency Physician
Dr. Genevieve Rochon-Terry Family Medicine Resident
Dr. Glen Bandiera Emergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine, St. Michael's Hospital
Dr. Haider Saeed Family Medicine (Hamilton)
Dr. Heather Wray Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Hanna Faghfoury Geneticist
Dr. James DeutschChild Psychiatrist
Dr. James Owen Family Physician
Dr. Jane Pritchard Family Physician
Dr. Jessica WilsonFamily Medicine Resident
Dr. Jillian BakerPediatrician
Dr. Jim Sugiyama Family Physician
Dr. Joe Butchey Emergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Scarborough Centenary Hospital
Dr. Jordyn Lerner Family Medicine Resident (Winnipeg)
Dr. Joshua Tepper Family & Emergency Physician, CEO of Health Quality Ontario
Dr. Karen JohnstonNeurosurgeon
Dr. Kate Lazier Emergency Medicine
Dr. Katie Dorman Family Physician
Dr. Kathleen Doukas Family Physician
Dr. Ketan Vegda Psychiatrist
Dr. Kyle Lee Family Physician
Dr. Lam Roberts Family Physician
Dr. Lawrence C. LohActing Medical Officer of Health, Peel
Dr. Leah Hillier Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Lee Schofield Family Physician, Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Leeor Sommer Emergency Physician
Dr. Linda Weber Family Physician
Dr. Louise Walker Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Lucy Barker Psychiatry Resident
Dr. Malika Sharma Infectious Disease Physician
Dr. Marco Lo Family Physician
Dr. Mark SilvermanFamily Physician
Dr. Marko Duic Emergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Southlake Regional Health Centre
Dr. Martin SommerfieldFamily Physician
Dr. Mary Gaudet Family Medicine Resident
Dr. Megan Saunders Family Physician
Dr. Meghan GrantEmergency Medicine, Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Melanie Kalbfleisch Family Physician
Dr. Michael Peer Pediatrician
Dr. Michael Roberts Family Physician
Dr. Michaela BederPsychiatrist
Dr. Mike Benusic Family Physician
Dr. Michael Finkelstein Acting Director and Associate Medical Officer of Health
Dr. Natascha Crispino Family Physician
Dr. Natasha GrahamFamily Physician
Dr. Navpreet SahsiFamily Physician
Dr. Newman CarolineFamily Physician
Dr. Olivia BottenheimFamily Physician
Dr. Patrick WongEmergency Medicine
Dr. Paul HannamEmergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Michael Garron Hospital
Dr. Rami ShoucriFamily Physician
Dr. Rebecca Wallace Family Physician
Dr. Richard GoudieEmergency Medicine, Sport & Exercise Medicine
Dr. Rick Glazier Family Physician
Dr. Sharon Gazeley Family Physician
Dr. Sharah Levitt Resident, Psychiatry
Dr. Sharon Zikman Psychiatrist
Dr. Sharon Gazely Family Physician
Dr. Sahil Gupta Resident, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Sharon O'Brien Obstetrician / Gynaecologist
Dr. Sonia Sabir Emergency Medicine
Dr. Steven Friedman Emergency Medicine
Dr. Thomas Man Family Physician
Dr. Trish Van Boekel Sport Medicine (Stratford)
Dr. Vanessa Redditt Family Physician
Dr. Vincent Lam Family Physician
Dr. Wendell BlockFamily Physician